At PORDAMSA we have always been committed to creativity, innovation and proximity to offer the best service and adapt to the needs of each moment. Taking advantage of the sanitary recommendations and the impossibility of opening the doors to the public during normal hours, we have redesigned our Showroom to improve the shopping experience and the presentation of our selection of products and tableware collections.

Our new Showroom is divided into two different areas. In the first you can find our entire range of kitchen products, arranged in thematic sections such as petit-fours, starters, accessories, etc. We also show a variety of examples of table settings that can be designed with our collections, with the aim of offering you a practical, orderly and accessible exhibition space. In addition, we wanted to add a differentiating and original feature, and that is why we have created a decorative wall located on one of the sides created from the old moulds that at the time gave life to our tableware. With the characteristic colour of porcelain, we have managed to bring luminosity to the space and give more visibility to the creation process of each of the pieces and to the entire history behind each design.

In the other area we have continued with the same inspirational line, with the creation of a large mural made of porcelain mosaic, with which we want to transmit the philosophy and values ​​of PORDAMSA as a reminder of all the dishes we had to "break" throughout our entire trajectory up to the present day. With dishes of different textures and finishes, we have simulated the waves of the sea and marine elements that recall nature, and especially the Costa Brava, which over the years has generated so much inspiration for our designs. This section of the Showroom is where we expose all the pieces from the different PORDAMSA collections, including our most special Sublime collections, an area for cutlery and the display of glasses of wine. 

With this new distribution we want to enhance the unique personality of each of our pieces, creating a space as pleasant as it is dynamic that improves the experience of our visitors and customers. From PORDAMSA we continue to reinvent ourselves and evolve to continue elevating the culinary experiences of the gastronomic world, and we invite you to visit us soon to discover all the innovations of our Showroom.