Throughout this month of July, PORDAMSA's innovations have made it to the headlines in several media. Here is a compilation of the most noted news.

First of all, Whos' White magazine has published an in-depth report on PORDAMSA in its most recent issue. In it, the process of creation and production of the crockery collections stands out; the methods of inspiration; the uniqueness of each piece, and the desire to turn the new Showroom into a space of inspiration for both chefs and gastronomy lovers. This magazine is published in Spain, with articles for professionals in the bridal and art sectors, and can be consulted online.

"How have you managed to position yourself in the national and international market for high quality porcelains with avant-garde designs? Throughout our evolution, it has been essential to listen to the customer to make a differential product. We have never liked to follow fashions, but rather to create our own concept, a PORDAMSA concept. We like to think like designers, more than manufacturers. We have always worked under our conviction to create new forms, materials and textures that surprise and at the same time meet the needs of gastronomy”, we emphasize.

On the other hand, Saber y Sabor, the Spanish magazine for hospitality professionals, and Montagud Editores, the only publisher in the world dedicated exclusively to gastronomic content, put their focus on our new Showroom. Saber y Sabor, highlights the new distribution of the space, where unusual pieces and proximity design are found. In addition, they highlight the enabling of the area aimed at displaying tableware compositions so that the gastronomic and hospitality professional can design their projects. It also does so with the section that exhibits designer cutlery, glasses and glassware.

Along the same lines, Montagud Editores, point out the creation of the 18-meter decorative wall made from plaster moulds, which serves to let know the process of creating each of our pieces, illustrating the restructuring of the establishment with various images of the new Showroom.