First, Compartir. Then, Disfrutar. And, now, they repeat with Compartir. Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas are launching a new restaurant that will open in spring under a concept that will follow the philosophy of their restaurant Compartir in Cadaqués, but this time in the city of Barcelona, ​​and adapted to its type of market. In addition, they have the help of a fourth team member, Nil Dulcet, who not only enters as a partner but will also be in charge of the new restaurant.

For this new project, they have chosen a splendid 500-square-meter site in the Eixample which is located at number 225 Calle València, very close to Rambla Catalunya and to Disfrutar. It will be a space inspired by Cadaqués and the Mediterranean, in which there will be two entrances, one of them with a reception area, so that it draws an inverted U at the base of which there will be several open reserved spaces, and a large cellar area.

With the idea of ​​proposing a menu to 'share' dishes and thus comply with the philosophy of Cadaqués, you will be able to find some common recipes that already exist in the other venue, and also other 'ad hoc' dishes, specially created for the space in Barcelona, where they will play with the products of the day. It will be a living offer so that within the same menu the customer has different options and can go to the restaurant at different moments. 

“Clients, who may come at noon for a work lunch and who will return the same week at night to eat with their partner or friends and who, if they feel like it, can choose a day-to-day proposal or pay tribute to themselves when the occasion requires it”, mentions Xatruch. All this, at a more affordable price than the other two restaurants, since it will be possible to eat well from 45 euros.

Regarding the similarities and differences between Compartir Cadaqués and Compartir Barcelona, ​​the chefs seek to maintain a common philosophy and style, guaranteeing at all moments, the own identity of each venue. “They will not be clones, but they will share the same philosophy. We want to replicate Compartir, and we want both restaurants to be the similar in terms of philosophy and cooking style, but different at the same time”, Xatruch details. With all these features, Compartir will open its doors at the end of April with great enthusiasm and desire to work.