The Basque Culinary Center (BCC) has published the second edition of '100 Young Talents of Gastronomy', a list that recognizes the work of all those people who work every day to generate positive change through Gastronomy. The requirements to qualify for it, being under 30 years of age, contributing to the value chain of gastronomy, and not having been included in the list in a previous edition.

This year, we find a greater variety of sector profiles, which shows that the new generation of gastronomy opts not only for the kitchen or the restaurant room as a professional opportunity, but for a wide range of activities. Thus, the '100 Young Talents of Gastronomy 2022' are distributed in the following main categories: Restaurant Business, Production, Wine Sector, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Startups, Bakery/pastry and other profiles.

Currently, around a third of those chosen are restaurant employees, almost all of them distinguished with stars from the MICHELIN Guide, suns from the Repsol Guide or by The World's 50 Best Restaurants. To complete the x-ray of the part of the list corresponding to Restaurant Business, it would be necessary to add another 20% for the projects of entrepreneurs who have opened their own restaurants or other types of businesses, up to 21% of the list. In terms of functions within the business, around 33% of the list dedicate to cooking. 

Thus, the part of the list that does not correspond to restaurants is distributed among producers (9%), wine sector (15%), pastry and bakery (6%), dissemination and communication (5%), startups (7%) and other profiles (11%). In terms of territorial representation, there are profiles belonging to all the autonomous communities, although with a greater presence of the Basque Country, Catalonia and Madrid.

In this way, the list can be considered a possible x-ray of the new generation of the gastronomic sector. “The future of the sector lies in attracting, integrating and taking advantage of these new talents who bring with them new ideas, values ​​and priorities; For this reason, the Basque Culinary Center has wanted to once again recognize and give a voice to the new professional figures who will lead gastronomy”, they point out from BCC.

Find the list of this year’s 100 young talents here.